Friday, December 3, 2010

What Sets the H Window Apart from Other Windows

WHAT SETS THE H WINDOW APART from vinyl, composite, fiberglass, wood, aluminum wood-clad framed windows is its unmatched thermal performance coupled with the industry’s highest possible ratings against air and water infiltration.
The H Window offers one of the highest possible structural ratings (design pressure) of AW70 with U-Factors as low as .20. 
With the highest structural and design pressure rating, the H Window can provide some of the largest operating and fixed windows in the industry.

The H Window stands alone with the greatest structural integrity for any high-rise building and the thermal performance for any residential application.

Building "Green" involves a commitment to sustainable design. H Window was the first window company to offer FSC woods. As well, the H Window is committed to the LEED building movement.

Our window designs have a proven track record for over two decades in schools, hospitals, governmental buildings and homes. We invite you to examine and compare the performance and appearance of the windows that we manufactured almost 25 years ago to any of our competitors. Almost all of the windows we manufactured over 20 years ago continue to provide high performance and aesthetical quality with little or no maintenance.

Also, as far as replacement windows go, over the years the H Window has replaced many of its competitors' windows -  yet no one replaces the H Window.