Monday, January 3, 2011

Can a Vinyl/Plastic Window Be GREEN?

It is undisputed that vinyl/plastic framed windows are the most popular of all windows manufactured. Why do Vinyl/Plastic framed windows outsell all other window types combined? Vinyl/Plastic windows are really cheap and reasonably energy efficient.

But are vinyl/plastic windows GREEN?

What is a GREEN building made of? Most opinions on building GREEN agree that building GREEN means employing the use of products that have the least negative impact on the environment and have the most sustainability.

Vinyl/plastic framed windows are made from PVC. The health and environmental problems from the production of these polymers have caused numerous European nations to ban or discourage their use in building products, such as vinyl/plastic siding and windows. As well, PVC contains dioxins. What more can be said about being environmentally friendly?

All vinyl/plastic windows offer a "life-time" warranty, but I have yet to see a vinyl/plastic window that was installed twenty years ago still holding its shape. So much for sustainability.

How many vinyl/plastic windows would be sold if they were called what they really are - a PVC window?  Ever notice that there are "seafood" restaurants and not "fish" restaurants?

Vinyl windows... now that’s marketing!


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